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Things to Consider When Moving to Waco

Waco has been growing exponentially in the last two years, in part, due to the Fixer-Upper phenomena.  But, there are other reasons people are arriving daily to the charming Texas town (ok, maybe also in part due to the success of the show making Magnolia Market a draw for downtown tourism).


Business developers, investors, healthcare providers, and academics are all arriving in Waco!  

Maybe you, too, would like to make the move?


My family of five arrived here in September of 2016 from Wisconsin.  While I grew up in Texas, Waco would be new for us.  We had much to consider: schools, housing, job market, and pre-school childcare.




Although this blog post is in no way inclusive, here are a few things I learned, and some resources:  


Most people do not move somewhere unless they have a job offer, or prospect.  While this town will foster your start-up dreams, here are a few major employers in the Waco area.

1. Baylor University

Baylor University is a private Christian university with more than 16,000 students.  

Whether you’re a researcher, lecturer, director, or technical guru, Baylor lists open positions online.


2. Magnolia Market

Perhaps the most trending destination spot in the state, the family is growing at Magnolia.  The proximity to delicious cupcakes is a huge selling point.

3. Providence Healthcare Network

Providence is part of the largest nonprofit health system in the nation.  The campus in Waco includes a 237-bed acute-care hospital.

There are a ton of up-and-coming small businesses and start-ups that would love your talent!  In addition to following Waco Moms Blog, check out Waco Chamber for other major employers and business directory.



I looked at so many houses on when we were sure we were moving to Waco.  
I loved our home in Wisconsin, so finding a new one was emotional.  We have a child in school, so I was cognizant of school district ratings in our search.  If we were moving downtown, we were going to seek private school education (more on that in the next section).  If we were moving to the suburbs, we wanted to consider drive time. I’ll also note that when you get ready to make a move, MAKE A MOVE.  This area is so popular right now that houses sell in less than a week.  Have a mortgage pre-approval in hand if you aren’t a lucky all-cash buyer, and be ready to make an offer.
 Here are two real estate companies I can recommend:
Haley and Shelly of Magnolia Realty were amazing to us, and we love our new home! 
A real estate company with a good reputation from other realtors is always a good bet.


Want to build your dream home?  Here are a few area builders to consider (in no particular order):


The two best rated school districts in the Waco area are Midway Independent School District (ISD) and China Spring ISD.  For private schools, Live Oak Classical and Vanguard College Preparatory School are downtown, and Woodway Christian School is located just south of Waco.
Daycare is TOUGH.  If anyone is looking for a business idea to bring to the Waco area, more quality childcare is needed.  We finally found the right childcare for our pre-school aged twins, but I recommend planning far ahead if you know you will need infant or toddler care in this community.

Grocery Stores

The major grocery store chain is H-E-B. In my opinion, this town could use two or even three more grocery stores.  They STAY packed.  We also drive quite a ways to the nearest grocery story from where we live.  I would really appreciate the addition of options, such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods (so, again, if you’re looking for business ideas to bring to Waco…). 
There are three area farmers markets, and Happy Harvest.
Additionally, there are a few Wal-marts, and one Target.
Our twins enjoy a cinnamon roll from Artisan Oven at the Downtown Farmers’ Market.

Waco is an exciting place to live, work, and learn.  

The welcoming nature of the weather is surpassed only by the people.

I hope you’ll join us here!


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  1. Bridie Newth March 28, 2017 at 1:03 am #

    Wow that has been so helpful. We are looking relocate all the way from Australia for my partners work. I love the look of Waco and yes am a huge fan of fixer upper. Thanks for your post