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Tesla’s Café and Coffee Pub-A New Waco Must-Go

Waco is being fixed-up all over town.  Many homes and buildings, in the downtown and uptown areas, are being renovated and this urban city is looking new again, while still maintaining its history.


One of the newest restaurants in downtown Waco is no different. Yet, it is.

Tesla’s Café and Coffee Pub-A New Waco Must-Go


Tesla’s Café and Coffee Pub was recently refurbished, and the eatery opened in January. Located at 1316 Washington Avenue, this new eating house is a delight. A must-go!


The restaurant’s name was decided upon by both owners, neither realizing the name Tesla’s had a different meaning for each. One partner thinking about Tesla, the American heavy metal band. The other thinking Tesla’s Cafe after the pop-culture science engineer slash inventor, Nikola Tesla.


The décor at Tesla’s Café leans to the inventor side, with a touch of 19th-century steampunk. The tables are decorated with the inventor’s patent prints and inventions. The logo also leans his direction.

Tesla’s Café and Coffee Pub-A New Waco Must-Go

The building is a star in its own right. Tesla’s Café and Coffee Pub is home in the historical Sturgis House. The Victorian home was built in 1887. Tesla’s maintains the 19th-century décor with the fireplace, wall paper and hardwood floors. When you walk in, you know you are somewhere special.


When you walk, you hear the squeaks of old hardwood floors. The décor takes you back in time and has you pondering about the past.  About the people who lived and entertained in the house way back when. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable.


Ok, now to the good stuff—the food.


Tesla’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. While I haven’t ordered everything on the menu, I have had the linage waffle and I will be back.  The homemade waffles are more of a delectable dessert.


Homemade is the key word here. Tesla’s Café and Coffee Pub serves up homemade, everything from the waffles to scratch biscuits, pitas, spinach dip, salads and soups, barbecue, and even ice cream. They are known for their homemade fries, or Belgian Frites.


Tesla’s serves a good cuppa coffee, of course.  You choose the bean and either pour over or French press.

Tesla’s Café and Coffee Pub-A New Waco Must-Go

The word pub in the title suggests one thing.  Tesla’s serves local wine and beer.  Waco done right.

My suggestion–pair the wine with the cheese board for a perfect conversation starter. Tesla’s also serve other domestic beer at Tesla’s Café and Coffee Pub.

Tesla’s Café and Coffee Pub-A New Waco Must-Go

The atmosphere, I mentioned, allows you to sit and enjoy your food and beverage of choice. Add in good conversation, and you may sit and enjoy for a bit, perhaps as they did in the 1800’s.  Slow.


The dining area is perfect for meetings–personal or business, or solo-dining.  And, they do have wi-fi. The rooms upstairs are available for private parties, like showers and meetings. There is also a small bar area.


Tesla’s has me sold and I think you will agree. This unique coffee house is one of the new jewels in Waco, for Wacoans and tourists alike. They are planning on extending the dining area outside by adding a large deck and beer garden. In fact, they just opened it!


Tesla’s is open Tuesday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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