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Breaking The Home School Stigma

Breaking The Home School Stigma   I have long heard the homeschool myths circulate around my peers. “Well how do they socialize?” or “Who keeps track of what they are learning?”…”Oh, you didn’t turn out like most homeschoolers?” or “What about sports?”    As with many of our decisions, it is what you make it.  […]

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Why Grandparents Are The Best

Why Grandparents Are The Best I would consider myself lucky, for the fact that I had 3 living, active-in-my-life grandparents for the first 16 years of my life. My parents were both born & raised in my hometown, and a majority of my extended family stayed there long-term. I grew up thinking it was abnormal […]

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Guide to Greater Waco Photographers

Disclosure :: This guide is brought to you care of our many photography sponsors! Thank you to those that supported the creation of this resource. Waco Moms quite frequently ask us for recommendations on family photographers as there are just so many local ones to choose from. To help, we compiled a list of our [...]
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