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Dear Waco, Sorry About My Driving

I try to be a good driver, I really do. Especially because Im carrying precious cargo. Also, my business is plastered across the back of my vehicle. (If you see someone in a FIT4MOM FIAT driving like a cartoon sloth named Flash it’s my husband) I’ve even taken defensive driving by choice not for ticket dismissal or insurance discount. But sometimes, life, you know. I’m sorry.

Sorry I’m not going 75 before the speed limit changes after I pass the loop on 35. I’m trying to get to Stroller Strides on time and I don’t have time to get pulled over. You can pass me.

Sorry I switched lanes at the last minute to exit. You can totally go ahead of me in the exit lane if you’re in a rush. It’s just that I’ve got a screaming baby in the back seat and I can’t hear Juanita. That’s the name of my Waze voice robot.

Sorry I looked at my phone. I know that Texas is a hands free state now and I’m glad. Lives will be saved. It’s just that Highway 6/ Loop 340 is confusing and there’s construction and Waze says hwy 6 SOUTH 340 NORTH and the sign Does. Not. Say. That. Whoever planned these exits had a friend in the concrete business. Just saying.

Sorry I honked at you downtown. I know you’re really excited to get to the Magnolia Market to get in line for a cupcake, but this is a one way street and that way is not the way you’re driving. I’ve got a baby on board and I’m not interested in a head on collision. No cupcake is worth that.

Sorry I’m puttering along on China Spring Rd. I’ve missed River Crossing too many times

Sorry about the circle. Just, sorry.

Sorry I upset you by turning on the right side of the median near Baylor. You’re the one doing it wrong. Sorry, not sorry.

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