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Easter Egg Basket Ideas Waco Moms Blog

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Any good helicopter parent knows that Easter means taste testing chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and marshmallow peeps to ensure that they are not poisonous.  It’s a pretty fundamental skill to have in your parenting repertoire, not for the faint of heart.  It separates the really good moms from the bad moms.  Just sayin’…are you willing to […]

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Shipt Waco Moms Blog

Dear Shipt

Dear Shipt, We haven’t been together that long–just three months in fact–but now I can’t remember a week with you. I know that you aren’t perfect and come with some strings attached (including a slight price markup, a monthly or yearly membership fee, and a low minimum order amount), but after weighing all the pros […]

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Autism Awareness Waco Moms Blog

Moms Speak Out on Autism Awareness

April is National Autism Month, and with 1 in 68 children affected by autism, chances are you or someone you know is affected by this disorder. When I was growing up, autism was not talked about in our schools, playgroups, or churches . . . until the blockbuster movie, Rain Man, was released. This film, starring […]

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meet rachel whyte waco moms blog

Meet Rachel Whyte

  Meet Rachel Whyte   Hello mamas! I’m Rachel Whyte and I’m a photographer, business owner, pastor’s wife and mom to two littles. I was raised in deep East Texas and because of that, I have lots of fond memories of pasture parties and small town fairs.  I’m the second oldest of eight kids and […]

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