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Self Care Waco Moms Blog

The Struggle Is Real: Finding Time For Self Care

  Hey girl. I see you there- yes, you. Put your feet up for a minute with me. I see you trying to make it through the week. The project deadlines, doctors appointments, night shifts-overnight shifts, meetings, babysitter schedules, bills, play dates, spouse/significant other…etc. You’ll make it. You may not remember if you showered today, […]

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Why You Need A Tribe Waco Moms Blog

Mom Life: Why We All Need A Tribe

  I hardly think this audience needs much convincing about the need for our “gal pals,” but I’m going to break it down anyway.  I know there are days when this Introvert likes her Me Time quiet.  I love my husband and kids, and we love family adventures exploring new places together or going out […]

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Fearless Waco Moms Blog

I Was Fearless: Then I Had Kids

  I use to wonder why old people don’t drive faster.  They have very little time left; why not drive their age… If you’re 89, why aren’t you driving 89 miles an hour?! I had approximately 6 speeding tickets a year before my oldest was born.  Three kids later, I’m the old lady screaming, “SLOW […]

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