Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

7 Blessings of Big Families

    Are they all yours? Don’t you know what causes that? You sure have your hands full! Are you done yet?   In today’s family economy, our family of seven is not the norm, and perfect strangers are quick to point out that my crew looks more like a homegrown basketball team than a […]

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Now Hiring: Time Out Sitters is Coming To Waco

As moms, we understand. “We too feel the need for a night out, as well as the stress of finding affordable and available sitters. That’s why we created the service we wish we’d had. Our story begins much earlier than our business. We met in Mr. Fitzgerald’s sixth grade class back in 1991 and have […]

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Waco Diaper Bank

As I’m sure you moms know, diapers are expensive. They can cost up to $100 a month per baby, which can stretch even a middle-class family’s budget.  Therefore, it was quite a relief just a few weeks ago when my family got the “diaper raise” – my younger son finally potty-trained!  After five and a […]

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Girl Strong

Hey #GirlMoms….this one is for you! I teach kids fitness classes and I love to ask thought provoking questions from my little charges.  Recently, I asked a 10 year old girl, “Who is your hero?”  She quickly replied, “My Mom!”  Cue the heart melting!  I followed up with the question, “What do you want to […]

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How to Host a Backyard BBQ

Since the beginning of our marriage, my husband and I have loved to hang out in the backyard to grill and BBQ.  Every Friday evening, no matter the weather, you would find us chillin’ and grillin’ (me the first, the second my husband) (I don’t even know how to light the grill!).  Bundled up, trying […]

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