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You Might Be A Girl Mom When…

You know you are a Girl Mom when……

  • You realize you are over budget because you spent too much money on girl clothes – you just can’t help it because they are so cute!
  • You get offended because a stranger mistakes your infant daughter for a boy – regardless of the pink car seat cover, bows, and frilly dress she is wearing.
  • You can’t get the latest Disney song out of your head, and you know EVERY word.
  • You trip on naked Barbie’s and ponies when walking through the house.
  • Tutu’s and princess dresses take over half of your child’s closet.
  • Your child changes five times a day.
  • You find your brand new red lipstick is broken and smashed, and the evidence is all over her little face.
  • You find her dressing up in your high heels, and wearing your favorite jewelry.
  • Princesses and fairies are daily topic of conversation.
  • You discipline your child for being sassy, and realize that she sounds just like you.
  • You go to the grocery store and realize you still have tiny burettes in your hair from when your daughter was playing beauty shop.
  • Your child throws a tantrum, and refuses to wear outfit you both agreed on the night before.
  • You are constantly setting boundaries and age limits on make-up and heels.
  • Every craft your child makes includes glitter. 
  • Your child gets older and WANTS to go shopping with you.

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