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Evolution of the Mom Purse

I am not a huge purse collector, but I have always carried a purse.  I know some women trade out their purses with each season and some with every outfit, but I usually find a favorite and carry it for years.  When I recently switched from my large Louis Vuitton handbag to a little black Coach wristlet, I thought about how my preference of purse styles and sizes has evolved over the years, specifically after becoming a mom.

The Wallet Keychain…

Before the time of dark circles, the ‘mom pooch’ and crow’s feet, you better believe you got free drinks when you hit the club, I mean gym…no need to carry plastic or dollar bills.  All you needed was a wallet keychain to carry your I.D., lip gloss and a place to clip your car keys.  So long before the ball and chain, came the wallet key chain. 

Baby Momma Bag…

Even though the diaper bag is a necessity in its own, baby items have a funny way of ending up in your purse.  So, your purse has grown from a small accessory, to the biggest thing you have ever carried.  I am sure your baby can even fit inside if you push aside all the diapers, wipes and back up pacifiers.  

The Toddler Tote…

Children fill a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.  They also fill your purse with Cheerios, heart shaped rocks, crayons, fruit snack wrappers, 3 leaves and a happy meal toy.  You coincidentally fill it with sunscreen, hand sanitizer, an extra pair of Spiderman underwear, a tide to go pen, and for some Southern mommas, a wooden spoon. Calm it down, I said for some. 

The School Aged Satchel…

Your kids survived the preschool years and head to school.  You head to work or to the laundry room or to work from the laundry room.  You need something sporty to carry 14 colored pens for signing daily folders, notepads filled with half written grocery lists, an energy drink for yourself for the 3 p.m. pickup and snacks to prevent an after school meltdown at the park.  

The Carpooling Crossbody….

There is a fine line between being a mom of tweens and a chauffeur.  If you kids are involved in extracurricular activities, you may spend 2-5 evenings every week running the roads between practices, classes, performances and or games.  Your purse becomes thinner; you resort to a crossbody purse as a mom on the go.  It holds a planner with school calendars and schedules, as if you were the assistant of a high profile athlete, and a parenting survival book to read while you wait to pick them up.

Return of the wristlet…

Congratulations! You are the parent of a teenager and your child is old enough to drive.  Your kids no longer need constant supervision, but you constantly worry and keep your phone nearby anyways.  You can leave the house in a moments notice with or without your kids. You no longer need snack packs and portable entertainment for every excursion.   Most of the time, they want to drive their own car or hang out with friends anyways.  So it is just you and your wristlet filled with credit cards and cash.  Because they will still need you for that.

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