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Dear NICU nurse

Dear NICU nurse,

You were the first person I caught eyes with as my husband rolled my wheelchair up to our son’s NICU bed.  I had just given birth via C section the day before and you asked how I was feeling.  You also assured me that Hudson was doing well and promised to take good care of him.  Somehow I already knew you would.  

It has now been 2.5 years since our NICU departure yet our experience there will always be fresh on my mind.  I never got the chance to truly thank you.  You are such a BIG part of caring for the tiniest lives. 

You let my husband hold our son the night he was born.  Looking back, we weren’t supposed to hold him yet but you must have know that he needed his daddy.

Among the constant beeps and buzzes of the machines you taught me how to care for my boy.  You patiently explained the purpose of each tube, wire and procedure.

You handed me a Kleenex as soon as you saw the tears well up in my exhausted eyes and you allowed me to share my fears.  When you could tell I was nearing my breaking point you said just what I needed to hear.  

You crafted a beautiful sign with his name on it to hang beside his bed.  It will forever remain one of my favorite things in his baby book.

You calmed my nerves as they wheeled my five pound baby off to an eight hour surgery.  You later made sure that he was cozy and comfortable while recovering in a prone position for two full weeks.

You offered to let me nurse him and gently placed him safely in my arms for the first time at three days old.

You dressed our little guy in green on St Patrick’s Day and perfectly draped his monogrammed blanket at the edge of his bed.  

You lovingly kicked me out of the NICU because you knew I need to eat and rest. 

You were such a bright light in a scary tunnel of unknowns. Not only were you incredibly knowledgeable and dependable but you were also comforting and encouraging.  I’ll never forget the way you cared for my family.  Your kindness is forever etched in my mind and you will always be a treasured part of Hudson’s first days.    

Most grateful,

A NICU mama

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