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Breaking The Home School Stigma

Breaking The Home School Stigma   I have long heard the homeschool myths circulate around my peers. “Well how do they socialize?” or “Who keeps track of what they are learning?”…”Oh, you didn’t turn out like most homeschoolers?” or “What about sports?”    As with many of our decisions, it is what you make it.  […]

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WACO-back to school, thank god

Back To School… Thank God.

Back To School… Thank God It’s June. Your kids just got out of school for summer. You are swooning over the sunshine, the smell of suntan lotion, tank tops, flip flops and pool time. You are fully prepared for summer mornings of pancakes and cartoons, afternoons of popsicles, watermelon and waterslides and evenings of lightening bugs, daylight until 9 pm […]

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Dear Kindergarten Mama

Dear Kindergarten Mama, I see the uncertainty in your eyes and I sense the angst in your heart. I have decided that nothing can adequately prepare one for the emotional roller coaster that is parenthood.  There are so many bittersweet milestones and sending our sweet littles off to Kindergarten might just top the list.  During […]

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Finish Strong, Mama

It’s May! May brings about so many great things – end of the school year, warmer weather, longer days, and the start of those late summer nights. May also brings about a million school parties, banquets, and graduations. I tend to want to slack off in May. I’m tired from the school year and I’m […]

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Can the Bullying Stop?

Bullying is becoming more and more of a problem. Bullying has been a problem for ages, but it seems now with the age of social media it has reached an all time high.  Bullying is a sensitive subject. No parent wants to believe their child is being a bully and no parent wants to believe […]

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