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Favorite Fall Crock Pot Dinners You Must Try

My kids aren’t too picky, but they of course don’t all like the same food, huff and sigh. This always makes dinner time super stressful for me. I just try and make sure there is something on the menu they will eat, even if it’s not the main dish.  When fall comes around I start […]

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How to Host a Backyard BBQ

Since the beginning of our marriage, my husband and I have loved to hang out in the backyard to grill and BBQ.  Every Friday evening, no matter the weather, you would find us chillin’ and grillin’ (me the first, the second my husband) (I don’t even know how to light the grill!).  Bundled up, trying […]

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Have Yourself a DIY Summer

In general, summer feels more simplified around our home.  Schedules are less hectic.  It seems we are around the house more.  The days are longer…and hotter.  All of these factors get me in the mood for DIY projects to spruce up the home. (Well, except hotter which sometimes makes me want to crawl in a […]

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