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My Husband: The Superhero Daddy

Long before our youngest child’s speech adequately developed, he would always quickly identify his older brother’s toy action figures and superheroes as “daddy”.  It didn’t matter which one – Spider-Man, Superman, Batman or Hulk.  One quick glance at those insanely defined plastic muscles and it was “daddy”!  Truthfully, that’s how we ALL see him. My […]

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WACO-the blame game

The Blame Game

Attitude is everything.  I’ve recently picked up a few (a lot more than usual) extra hours at work.  For a couple of years, I have been staying home to care for my babies.  I thought, well we need the extra income and I’m ready to be around others and have adult conversation.  Well, picking up […]

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Finish Strong, Mama

It’s May! May brings about so many great things – end of the school year, warmer weather, longer days, and the start of those late summer nights. May also brings about a million school parties, banquets, and graduations. I tend to want to slack off in May. I’m tired from the school year and I’m […]

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Make a Donation in Honor of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here (not that any of us moms have forgotten!) and while I’m 100% in favor of a long nap and a gift card for a house cleaning service, I’ve also compiled a short list of organizations that specifically serve women and mothers both locally and globally. Poke around some of these awesome […]

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Three Bits Of Wisdom About Good Parenting

Being a mother of three twenty-somethings, and on the other-side of parenting, I have three bits of wisdom to pass on to mothers of young children. Three things I learned only by living through them. Trial and error. I highly recommend it. Being on the other-side of parenting, with healthy, grown children, I know of […]

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