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WACO-back to school, thank god

Back To School… Thank God.

Back To School… Thank God It’s June. Your kids just got out of school for summer. You are swooning over the sunshine, the smell of suntan lotion, tank tops, flip flops and pool time. You are fully prepared for summer mornings of pancakes and cartoons, afternoons of popsicles, watermelon and waterslides and evenings of lightening bugs, daylight until 9 pm […]

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WACO-The “perfect” summer_ Vision vs. reality

The “perfect” Summer: Vision vs. Reality

The “perfect” Summer: Vision vs. Reality I have a confession to make.  I’ve been self-sabotaging my summers. You see, I’m a dreamer, and summers in particular aren’t immune to the grandiose visions in my head. It always starts out as this magical idea of a summer packed full of fun and wonder. And every year, […]

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Fun Special Needs Summer Activities in Waco

Fun Special Needs Summer Activities in Waco Anyone who has a special needs child knows the struggles of finding activities that are suitable for their child. Just like every other child, our special needs children get bored during summer break and need activities to break the summer boredom. I have some great summer activities for you […]

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