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A Season of Letting Go

I leaned back into the chair. A sad country song was playing through the radio behind me on the counter. A dismal tune about letting go. Letting go.  Tears slid down my cheeks. I could taste the salty warm liquid on my lips. My husband, Jason and I had one child, Gavin, age two. Each […]

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waco_moms_blog_One in Four. Navigating Through the Journey of Miscarriage.

One in Four. Navigating Through My Journey of Miscarriage.

The beginning  of October, 2010, was life changing for me. My husband was about to graduate in a few short months with his doctorate in counseling, we were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary and had happily just announced we were expecting our first child together. Things were pretty perfect. Because I knew I was considered […]

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Infertility Waco Moms Blog

I Am One In Eight: How To Support Those Struggling With Fertility Issues

Fertility…my least favorite F word.  If you are talking family, friends, and fries, now those are right up my alley but fertility is not always easy to talk about.  I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18.  When I was 20 (a month after I got engaged), my doctor told me that because my […]

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Being a pregnant friend waco moms blog

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: How to Be A Pregnant Friend

“I’m pregnant.” A simple statement with an overwhelming sense of meaning and emotion. One that could result in extreme or extreme fear. It could cause complete and utter thankfulness after a period of waiting or an unexpected change in plans. It could bring joy and sorrow, hope and despair, the start of a new chapter […]

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