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Best Places to Get a Facial in Waco

During the last couple of months I did some “research” to find the BEST facials offered in Waco. Taking excellent care of our skin has become a normal part of daily routines.  Just like brushing our teeth and sustaining proper hygiene, washing our face and using products to best suit our skin types have become […]

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Turning Screen Time into Physical Activity…..What’s the Catch?

“It’s too hot!” “I’m too tired!” “But I’m almost at the next level!” Do those statements sound familiar?  Do you feel like negotiations are never-ending every time you ask your child to stop staring at their device or playing a video game?  You’re not alone!  A friend of mine recently mentioned her kids complain about […]

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The Struggle Is Real: Finding Time For Self Care

  Hey girl. I see you there- yes, you. Put your feet up for a minute with me. I see you trying to make it through the week. The project deadlines, doctors appointments, night shifts-overnight shifts, meetings, babysitter schedules, bills, play dates, spouse/significant other…etc. You’ll make it. You may not remember if you showered today, […]

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