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Best Places to get an Airbrush Spray Tan in Waco

School has started and our lazy summer days have turned into fall schedules.  However, living in Texas means that the weather still feels like summer for a while, and we will still be wearing shorts and shoulder bearing tops for quite some time.  Our summer tans may fade, and when they do we can turn to Airbrush Spray Tanning.  This beauty product/service is so much better for our skin than baking in the sun.   We can maintain our sun kissed glow, and be good to our skin at the same.  Airbrush Spray Tanning has been around for a while, and now Waco has several places that offer this service.  Whether you are prepping for an event, getting ready to go on vacation, or want to maintain some color while cheering on your kids from the sidelines, these modern spray tan boutiques will help you look your best. 

For those of us who still may be new to this term, An Airbrush Spray Tan is a sunless tan that is administered by a trained professional through the use of an airbrush “Spray Gun”, which sprays a tanning solution onto the skin in safe way.  The tanning solution is sprayed while the client stands in a booth or pop up tent.  The advantage of getting an Airbrush Spray Tan is the solution is applied in a customized fashion to ensure the product is sprayed evenly.  The latest tanning solutions offer the most natural looks, and can range from light, medium, or dark depending on your skin type.  It is important to listen and follow all instructions the service provider offers in order to maintain the tan, and to make it last as long as possible.  A well-maintained Airbrush Spray Tan can last up to ten days to two weeks when tended to properly.

The following are four Waco boutiques below that are highly recommended:


     Facelogic Spa in Central Texas Marketplace


Facelogic Spa has been offering this service since 2010, and has recently brought in one of the most renowned Airbrush Spray Tanning solutions on the market.  SunFx tanning solutions combine organic, natural and hypo-allergenic ingredients to provide a tan, as well as to hydrate the skin at the same time. 


    Spraytopia in Spice Village


Spraytopia boutique is nestled into the shops at Spice Village. I recently received an Airbrush Spray Tan from the owner, and it was flawless.  I loved how the color looked so natural on my skin.  The owner, Dawn, performs the service, and uses her own customized blend of natural ingredients to offer a tanning solution she adjusts for each individual client.  The result is a beautiful and even tan.


                 Spray Tans 2 U

                           Owner: Kim                                  

                          (254) 715-8188            Spray Tans 2 U is a home business, and comes with high

reviews. Through extensive research, the owner has found a longer lasting, odorless tanning solution

that does not leave you feeling sticky.  The result is a natural looking tan that is safe for the skin.  The

tanning solution used to perform the service accommodates all skin types. 


     Pura Vida Day Spa & Salon


Pura Vida Day Spa & Salon has a new location at the corner of University Parks and Franklin Avenue in suite 102.  The Airbrush Spray Tanning solution used at this day spa and salon is an award winning product with the name brand NorvellNorvell has won Industry Choice Awards since 2004, and has a reputable reputation among businesses within the beauty industry. 


Spray Tanning Tips:

  • Understand the difference between an Airbrush Spray Tan and a spray tan in a booth.
    • Airbrush Spray Tanning is applied by a trained professional.
    • Spray tan in a booth is when you step into a booth and the machines is programmed to automatically spray the body from all sides.
    • Getting a spray tan in a booth does not guarantee an even spray, which can cause blotches and can result in an uneven tan.
  • Airbrush Spray Tans are usually priced $35 to $45.
  • Before the appointment shower, shave, and exfoliate before getting an Airbrush Spray Tan.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes and flip flops.
  • During appointment clothing can be a bathing suit, thong, or nothing depending on the level of comfort and whether or not tan lines are preferred.
  • After the appointment do not shower, perspire, or get wet 6 to 12 hours after the tan in order to allow the solution to set.
  • Once the solution is set make sure to keep skin hydrated.
  • Always continue to wear sunscreen on face and body. Sunless tanning solutions should not be used as a sunscreen, and do not block harmful rays.
  • Always follow the instructions from the trained professional administering the tan. Rules to follow may vary depending on the product.














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