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WACO-Best Face & Body Products on a Budget

Best Face & Body Products on a Budget

Best Face & Body Products on a Budget Let’s “Face It”.   O.k. ……..pun intended.  As moms our skin goes through a lot. From the moment we become pregnant our hormones take off on a wild ride affecting our skin and body. Our bodies are strong, beautiful, and miraculous, but the whole process of creating life […]

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Bed Time

  I kiss their cheeks and hold them tight, That’s what we do every night. We rock and sing in hopes of rest, This day has surely been a test.   Crying, messes, food in my hair, I might still be wearing maternity underwear. I haven’t washed my hair in day’s I think I might […]

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Best Places to Get a Facial in Waco

During the last couple of months I did some “research” to find the BEST facials offered in Waco. Taking excellent care of our skin has become a normal part of daily routines.  Just like brushing our teeth and sustaining proper hygiene, washing our face and using products to best suit our skin types have become […]

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Boy Mom

You know you are a BOY MOM when………. The first time you change your baby’s diaper he pee’s all over you. Before you know it your two year old child has dropped his pants, and is peeing in a public fountain. You realize peeing everywhere is a part of the potty training process…..or at least […]

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