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10 Budgeting Hacks For 2018

I am a college student, married to a college student, and a parent of twins. I have a unique perspective on budgeting. As the new year begins, maybe you want to work on eliminating debt, saving up for a big trip, or simply cutting costs where you can. Who doesn’t want to have a few […]

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Unexpected Guidance

I was the baby of my family, and the first to leave our hometown to go to college. My eldest sister is very wise and knew that, despite my eagerness to get away, I would one day be homesick. As a graduation/good luck gift, she contacted basically everyone I have ever known and asked for […]

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waco-moms-blog-5 Signs You're a Type A Mom

5 Signs You’re a Type A Mom

I hate labels. I try to not take quizzes that will categorize me, because then I feel trapped in that category for the rest of my life. However, I have been/am/always will be a Type A girl. Although my personality has not changed, what I consider to be the “signs” of being Type A shifted […]

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Sincerely, a family affected by childhood cancer

Sincerely, A Family Affected by Childhood Cancer

Most girls entering their senior year of high school are worried about college acceptance letters and finding a date to homecoming. Vanessa Nielson, my aunt whom I never had the privilege of meeting, was coming to terms with her diagnosis of Ewing’s Sarcoma (a rare cancer that grows in and around bones). This is her […]

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Meet Paige Benzing

Paige Benzing Hello, fellow Waco mothers! My name is Paige, and I was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I came to Waco to major in chemistry at Baylor University. During our freshman year, I met Andrew, a handsome guy with an incredible singing voice, from Pellston, Michigan. Despite the geographic differences in our upbringing, we […]

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