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Why Grandparents Are The Best

Why Grandparents Are The Best I would consider myself lucky, for the fact that I had 3 living, active-in-my-life grandparents for the first 16 years of my life. My parents were both born & raised in my hometown, and a majority of my extended family stayed there long-term. I grew up thinking it was abnormal […]

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Healthy Mom-ing

No, this is not about why you should be vegan, or organic, or not eat a slice of cake for breakfast. I am a mom of twins, and a college student on the side. I get it, you guys. It is so hard to make healthy choices when your one year olds refuse to eat […]

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WACO- we want a playscape

Dear Waco: We Want A Playscape

Dear Waco: Please open a restaurant with a playscape. Love, every mom with a toddler. In bigger cities, playscapes are everywhere. If I lived in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, etc. , I would be writing “Top 50 restaurants with playscapes” because they have SO MANY. But Waco, poor poor “little” Waco, doesn’t have them. Moms […]

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10 Budgeting Hacks For 2018

I am a college student, married to a college student, and a parent of twins. I have a unique perspective on budgeting. As the new year begins, maybe you want to work on eliminating debt, saving up for a big trip, or simply cutting costs where you can. Who doesn’t want to have a few […]

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