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WACO-summer reading

5 Summer Read Recommendations

It’s Summertime!!! We are free to do anything we want….wait, anything our kids want, right?  Our schedules might have a little less lunch packing and school-clothes washing, but we are still at the mercy of a schedule.  Hopefully, it’s a schedule of your choosing.  We lean towards a summer that allows for the possibility of […]

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WACO-why waco?

Why Waco?

We heard this question often when we discuss moving to Waco even though neither of us went to Baylor or have family here.  As we are nearing our two year mark of living in our Fixer Upper house, I started reflecting on all that brought us to Waco almost three years ago.  Much of our […]

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Marriage & Love Languages: Why They Matter

After twenty-three years of marriage, I can honestly say that there is still more to learn and grown in within our marriage!  We were just babies (twenty) when we said “I do,” and have gone through many seasons:  college, career choices, parenthood, relocating (many times), debt, major purchases, loss, and struggle. Our married journey started […]

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WACO-whatcha reading?

Whatcha Reading?

“Whatcha readin’?”  Remember a time when you’d go into a doctor’s office or on a bus or airplane and that’s what you’d use as a conversation starter?  Because that’s what you would see – people reading books.  I know some are still reading them but most of those are on digital devices, so we can’t […]

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Cultivate Calm in the Chaos

What’s stressing you out today?   Were you late to morning drop-off AGAIN?  Did the dog chew up your kid’s favorite (& expensive) shoe?  Did you forget to start dinner early enough, and now it’s the “witching hour” and everyone is melting down (while you’re reading Facebook)?  Maybe you’re a working mom who’s meeting deadlines […]

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WACO-Go to School

Go To School

  It’s the witching hour of summer.   You know, it’s those final two weeks before school goes back, and the kids are doing the craziest, most annoying things possible.  Now is when all the summer procrastination caves in around them (you).  They realize they didn’t finish the required reading.  Or the typing lessons they […]

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WACO-dear homework

Dear Homework, I Don’t Like You

Even though I haven’t taught full-time for fourteen years, I am a teacher at heart.  An English teacher.  I HEART reading and writing and know the importance of practice and repetition.  Many spelling and vocabulary tests, book reports, and essays that demonstrate comprehension and critical thinking have crossed the path of my red pen.  Truth […]

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