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WACO-am i doing this

Am I Doing This Right?

In our world of instant gratification, it’s tough to know if you’re making the grade as a parent.  Parenting isn’t exactly a short term investment, so it’s easy to second guess yourself with little to no progress reports.  I’m not talking about what Instagram and Facebook think about your kids from a staged snapshot.  I’m talking […]

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Did Everybody Get a Turn?

I love having a large family, but one of my struggles as a mom of 4 kids is making sure everybody gets a turn, or a little one on one time, everyday.  I worry a lot that the kids feel like I’m playing favorites.  I don’t want them to ever feel like I’m spending more […]

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2018 Family Resolutions

I’ve tried to keep personal resolutions before and decided to change my mindset on this and make it a family project this year.  At my house, it takes the whole family, working together, to keep things going.  We made 2 resolutions for the family this year.   Goal 1 is “Let go and Let God.” I’ve […]

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Surviving The Busy Season of My Life

Currently we  only have 2 days of practice, one day of games, one night of church, and one night of youth bible study.  I keep thinking things will slow down, I’ll drink my coffee hot, I’ll get to cook dinner, we might actually eat that dinner together, and I won’t have to drive the whole […]

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A Letter to My Wild Child

Dear Wild Child, Seriously child will you just stop…..but really please don’t.  You love life in the most amazing ways.  I love how you love life. The way you live life is a great reminder that life is what you make it.  You live life constantly making it your own,  blazing your own paths, literally.  It’s […]

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Almost a Type B Mom….

As I’m trying to write about how I’m not a type A mom, I think I figured out I’m closer to A than I thought. I’d love to say I live in the moment and and super go with the flow, but I find myself not always being okay with that.  I have 4 kids […]

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My List of Fall Loves

Fall is such a fun time of year. The air starts to get cool and crisp.  You can enjoy outdoor activities without dying of a heat stroke. The leaves change colors.  You get to wear all your pretty fall clothes.  You can get snugly in your blankets without turning on the AC.  There are so […]

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Favorite Fall Crock Pot Dinners You Must Try

My kids aren’t too picky, but they of course don’t all like the same food, huff and sigh. This always makes dinner time super stressful for me. I just try and make sure there is something on the menu they will eat, even if it’s not the main dish.  When fall comes around I start […]

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The Birth of My First Child

My first child, oh how to put it, came at his own pace. I would go into those Dr appointments so hopeful that things were progressing and I wasn’t at all. I would hear about how people were dilated weeks before, or thinning or ANYTHING, and I had nothing. He was due May 31 and […]

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