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WACO-Best desserts in waco

10 Best Desserts in Waco

Best Desserts in Waco Fellow contributor Alexandra and I took on the difficult task of finding the very best desserts Waco has to offer!  We took our toddlers along for an afternoon of taste testing and even braved the Silo Bakery line in the summer heat!  The local sweet treats were definitely kid approved!  There […]

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Dear Kindergarten Mama

Dear Kindergarten Mama, I see the uncertainty in your eyes and I sense the angst in your heart. I have decided that nothing can adequately prepare one for the emotional roller coaster that is parenthood.  There are so many bittersweet milestones and sending our sweet littles off to Kindergarten might just top the list.  During […]

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My Husband: The Superhero Daddy

Long before our youngest child’s speech adequately developed, he would always quickly identify his older brother’s toy action figures and superheroes as “daddy”.  It didn’t matter which one – Spider-Man, Superman, Batman or Hulk.  One quick glance at those insanely defined plastic muscles and it was “daddy”!  Truthfully, that’s how we ALL see him. My […]

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Parenting is Like Baseball

Spring is such a beautiful but busy time of year for our family!  The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and baseball season is in full swing (see what I did there?!).  ‘Tis the season of homeruns, grass stains, sunflower seeds, lots of Gatorade, late dinners and making memories.  My oldest two kids have […]

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WACO-super bowl

How To Host A Super Bowl Celebration

So maybe you’re a football fan….and maybe you aren’t!  Maybe you speak fluent football lingo…and maybe you don’t!  Maybe you know exactly who is playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday and maybe you have NO clue.  (By the way, the Philadelphia Eagles are taking on the New England Patriots in the 52nd Super Bowl!)  […]

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Dear NICU nurse

Dear NICU nurse, You were the first person I caught eyes with as my husband rolled my wheelchair up to our son’s NICU bed.  I had just given birth via C section the day before and you asked how I was feeling.  You also assured me that Hudson was doing well and promised to take […]

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waco-moms-blog-Don't save your thanks for Thanksgiving

Don’t Save Your Thanks For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us!  Turkey, family, football and pie {listed in no particular order, of course!}  Sure, the month of November is a wonderful opportunity to count our many blessings.  Each Fall we are reminded of how fortunate we are to be surrounded by family and friends and we set aside a special day to […]

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