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WACO-ennegram-for Moms Part 2

The Enneagram for Moms Part II

The enneagram centers around core fears and desires. The motive behind why we do what we do. Here’s a brief look at each of the numbers and how their fear and desires play into their mothering type.  You will may see yourself in each of the types as we struggle in different areas from time […]

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WACO-ennegram-for Moms Part I

The Enneagram for Moms Part I

A couple of my real close friends tell me I should become an enneagram coach since it’s worked it’s way into our conversations repeatedly. I love personality talk like Myers-Briggs, DISC and love languages. After all I’m an ENFP and supposedly that type fancies how people function. So I fit the box.  You may have […]

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Planning My Depression

It was helpful to plan my depression. Long ago, this past summer, 6 months pregnant with my third, I had considered the disruption it would bring to our family. We were in a great rhythm with Gavin, 3 and Cali, 18 months but as I’ve heard from veteran mama’s countless times, again and again, adding that […]

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Valentine’s Food for the Soul

The desire of our hearts is to love our children and to provide a safe and secure environment for them to thrive in. That they would know they are loved undoubtedly having grown up in a caring, nurturing and peace filled surrounding. We crave an Eden like home for our babies, toddlers and preschoolers to […]

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5 Books and Podcasts You Need This Year

Well, mamas, it’s winter in Waco. And we’ve been feeling it’s chill down our backs for weeks now. So while you’re wrapped in you favorite blankets or sporting your fuzzy new Christmas socks from your mother-in-law, lets turn off the TV and get back into reading instead! I love to read. In fact, in the […]

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How Imperfect, How Important

I stepped out back for a breather. I needed to think. Thoughts of what I’m thankful for invading my mind. If I was to pick one thing to write about for this blog, what would it be?  Our big black dog pranced towards me. He always assumes I’ll pet him or give him a hardy […]

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WACO-let it be good

Let it Be Good

Some people have their live Christmas tree picked out and decorated all before December first.  Not me.  Other years we have bought a real live tree, labored over decorating it just so and enjoyed it’s immaculate beauty at the bright peak of the season.  These days with three, four and under we decided to save […]

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