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Fun Special Needs Summer Activities in Waco

Fun Special Needs Summer Activities in Waco Anyone who has a special needs child knows the struggles of finding activities that are suitable for their child. Just like every other child, our special needs children get bored during summer break and need activities to break the summer boredom. I have some great summer activities for you […]

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Can the Bullying Stop?

Bullying is becoming more and more of a problem. Bullying has been a problem for ages, but it seems now with the age of social media it has reached an all time high.  Bullying is a sensitive subject. No parent wants to believe their child is being a bully and no parent wants to believe […]

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The Truth About Social Media

It is no secret that social media is making its way into everyone’s life.  Social media helps us to find long lost friends, keep up with what our friends and family are up to, and keep everyone updated on our own lives. Social media also has a dark side. We start trying to have perfect lives because we […]

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Fighting Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety can consume your very existence, so fighting depression and anxiety can be very difficult. Your body and mind just wants to run and hide behind the problems and let the depression or anxiety take over. All your brain tells you is to shut down from the world, but you have to fight […]

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Cute & Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor

The holidays are vastly approaching, but before we get that Christmas tree decorated lets talk TURKEY! Holidays can be STRESSFUL! Family coming from out of town and cooking all that delicious food, who has time to worry about decorations?? Well I have a few DIY Thanksgiving decorating ideas that will take the worry out of […]

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