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WACO-Why I Substitue Teach.

Why I Substitute Teach

“Would you like to sign up for our substitute teacher list?” In a few weeks, my one and only was starting school when this question was asked.  I was interested even though I wasn’t sure how my new life would look or what kind of extra time I would have.  And if they called and […]

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The New Kindergarten

Lately I’ve been noticing something… Kindergarten is not what it used to be. My memories of Kindergarten looked quite differently.  Recess two or three times a school day.  Centers where we played house, built castles with blocks, or stacked those plastic cubes.  Gluing noodles to every letter in the alphabet. Lots and lots of coloring. […]

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Mason Jar Crafts for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, fall, mason jars, and crafts are at the top of my list when it comes to favorite things.  I love the simple, raw, rustic nature of the season.   Though I gravitate towards the natural decorations this time of year, such as, pumpkins, wheat…those bags of gourds at the grocery store, adding a simple […]

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waco-moms-blog-Fall Books to Read with your Kids

Fall Books to Read with Your Kids

It’s officially fall  and an extra exciting time when it comes to books at our house.  My little one is learning to read!  She read her first book last week, and I couldn’t be prouder.  Watching my daughter learn to read has been one of the neatest experiences.  It’s not always easy.  Let’s keep it […]

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Leaf Collecting Crafts this Fall

Every year about this time we start our leaf collection. It happens naturally without being planned.  When the leaves start to turn and fall, we can’t help ourselves. We hunt, gather and usually bag a large collection of our prettiest finds.  While we do thoroughly enjoy this part, I always feel a tad guilty for […]

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Financial Preparations for your Child’s Future

Financial Preparations for your Child’s Future My husband and I always knew we wanted to be able to financially help our daughter pursue her dreams later in life. But honestly, anything that is more complicated than putting money in a bank account or a jar in the back yard, intimidated me. After setting up a […]

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Why Boredom is Good for Your Child

“I’m bored.”  It’s summertime, and I would bet most parents have heard that line a time or two…or one hundred…a few times a day.  I have to admit, when my little one says this, it sometimes gets under my skin.  I pity myself and wish I could be bored for just a little bit!  Well, maybe […]

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How to Host a Backyard BBQ

Since the beginning of our marriage, my husband and I have loved to hang out in the backyard to grill and BBQ.  Every Friday evening, no matter the weather, you would find us chillin’ and grillin’ (me the first, the second my husband) (I don’t even know how to light the grill!).  Bundled up, trying […]

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