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WACO-I'm Okay Saying No

I’m Okay With Saying No (and You Should Be Too)

I used to be what I like to call a “chronic people-pleaser.” I never said no. I avoided confrontation like the plague. If you asked me my opinion, it would be bi-partisan and bland. If you asked me where I wanted to eat, I’d say “wherever.” If someone wanted to make plans, I’d say yes.  Sound […]

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To the Mom Married to A Grad Student

This one is for the mom whose only alone time with your husband is spent asleep. For the mom who watches the clock, hoping he will make it home before the kids go to bed. For the mom crying alone in the bathroom, because you don’t want to add to his stress. You are not […]

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How Imperfect, How Important

I stepped out back for a breather. I needed to think. Thoughts of what I’m thankful for invading my mind. If I was to pick one thing to write about for this blog, what would it be?  Our big black dog pranced towards me. He always assumes I’ll pet him or give him a hardy […]

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10 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Seasonal depression is real, y’all.  While I am no medical professional, I do have some tips that have helped me cope with the ‘winter blues’ over the last few years. Some of these may be hard to do when you can barely pull yourself out of bed at 3 pm to pick up the kids […]

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The New Kindergarten

Lately I’ve been noticing something… Kindergarten is not what it used to be. My memories of Kindergarten looked quite differently.  Recess two or three times a school day.  Centers where we played house, built castles with blocks, or stacked those plastic cubes.  Gluing noodles to every letter in the alphabet. Lots and lots of coloring. […]

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