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Guide to Fitness In & Around Waco

Disclosure :: We all know it's hard to get back into the groove of fitness after growing humans. Waco is fortunate to have numerous options for all fitness levels. We are thrilled to provide this guide resource, brought to you by our many sponsors! Thank you to those that participated in this guide.  @media only screen and (max-width: 479px) [...]
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WACO-How I Simplified My Life as a Mom

How I Simplified My Life as a Mom

As moms, we have experienced some of the most stressful and chaotic situations imaginable. Even on the best day, I would classify my life as an “organized chaos.” We are excellent multi-taskers, housekeepers, owie-fixers, and so much more; but it can be completely overwhelming at times. This year I resolved to simplify my life, in […]

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Fighting Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety can consume your very existence, so fighting depression and anxiety can be very difficult. Your body and mind just wants to run and hide behind the problems and let the depression or anxiety take over. All your brain tells you is to shut down from the world, but you have to fight […]

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10 Budgeting Hacks For 2018

I am a college student, married to a college student, and a parent of twins. I have a unique perspective on budgeting. As the new year begins, maybe you want to work on eliminating debt, saving up for a big trip, or simply cutting costs where you can. Who doesn’t want to have a few […]

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2018 Family Resolutions

I’ve tried to keep personal resolutions before and decided to change my mindset on this and make it a family project this year.  At my house, it takes the whole family, working together, to keep things going.  We made 2 resolutions for the family this year.   Goal 1 is “Let go and Let God.” I’ve […]

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WACO-Why I Substitue Teach.

Why I Substitute Teach

“Would you like to sign up for our substitute teacher list?” In a few weeks, my one and only was starting school when this question was asked.  I was interested even though I wasn’t sure how my new life would look or what kind of extra time I would have.  And if they called and […]

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