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10 Budgeting Hacks For 2018

I am a college student, married to a college student, and a parent of twins. I have a unique perspective on budgeting. As the new year begins, maybe you want to work on eliminating debt, saving up for a big trip, or simply cutting costs where you can. Who doesn’t want to have a few […]

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2018 Family Resolutions

I’ve tried to keep personal resolutions before and decided to change my mindset on this and make it a family project this year.  At my house, it takes the whole family, working together, to keep things going.  We made 2 resolutions for the family this year.   Goal 1 is “Let go and Let God.” I’ve […]

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WACO-Why I Substitue Teach.

Why I Substitute Teach

“Would you like to sign up for our substitute teacher list?” In a few weeks, my one and only was starting school when this question was asked.  I was interested even though I wasn’t sure how my new life would look or what kind of extra time I would have.  And if they called and […]

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WACO-school guide

Guide to Schools & Preschools in & Around Waco

Disclosure :: We are frequently asked about early childhood programs and recommendations for child care, preschools and schools in Waco and understand that picking a school or child care center that fits your child’s and your family’s needs can be an overwhelming task. We are thrilled to provide this guide resource, brought to you by our many sponsors! Thank [...]
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Don’t Be The Flaky Mom Friend

As any mom knows, whether you just had your first child or fifth child, your world is rocked. The schedule you juggled so well is now over-taken by this tiny body that depends solely on you. The numerous commitments you could once execute with efficiency, now takes a back-burner because these precious eyes stare at […]

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How We Homeschool

I enjoy striking up a conversation with other Moms around the city. We share introductions and start the typical “first time Moms meet” convo. The same questions are usually exchanged. Ages of our kids, where we live or most frequent with and without them, and schooling choice. “I homeschool…” And sometimes that’s when it gets a […]

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Valentine’s Food for the Soul

The desire of our hearts is to love our children and to provide a safe and secure environment for them to thrive in. That they would know they are loved undoubtedly having grown up in a caring, nurturing and peace filled surrounding. We crave an Eden like home for our babies, toddlers and preschoolers to […]

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Meet The Wildcats at Woodway Christian School

Looking for a wonderful Christian School and a supportive community? ***BONUS*** WE HAVE AN AMAZING GIVEAWAY! Come to We are The Wildcats community meeting and hear about Woodway Christian School! This meeting is open to current and prospective families. WCS will be giving information about their high academics at all grade levels Pre-K through 8th, […]

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“Help” Is Not a Bad Word

I’ve always been independent. My parents taught us to be individuals who weren’t afraid to ask questions, always do our best and that it’s OK to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. Don’t get me wrong, they were very loving and nuturing people, but they encouraged us to be independent. For example, […]

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