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It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village We have spent at least half of our fourteen years parenting living away from family. My first year of being a Mama, I was a 10 hour drive from both Grandmas and a couple hours from my sisters, neither of which had kids. We were trying to keep our heads above […]

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Meet Jamee Binner

Jamee Binner My name is Jamee Binner. My husband, Kyle and I have been together for 19 years, and married for 13. We have two amazing daughters, Morgan 17 and Maryn 10. I grew up here in Waco, and with the exception of a few years living on the coast, it has been my home […]

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Meet Amy Kyle

Amy Kyle Amy is a second generation Waco native and proud to continue to call Waco home. She got her bachelors in exercise physiology at Texas A& M University and her masters and doctorate in physical therapy at University of Texas Medical Branch. Amy moved back to Waco in 2012 with her husband Jeff and […]

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The Birth of My First Child

My first child, oh how to put it, came at his own pace. I would go into those Dr appointments so hopeful that things were progressing and I wasn’t at all. I would hear about how people were dilated weeks before, or thinning or ANYTHING, and I had nothing. He was due May 31 and […]

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The best advice I’ve been given for motherhood

As soon as you get that positive pregnancy test, it seems like people are coming out of the woodwork with advice. They offer tips on what you should eat while you are pregnant, what you should do to help your baby sleep, what the best methods are for achieving a natural birth.  Everyone has their […]

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Evolution of the Mom Purse

I am not a huge purse collector, but I have always carried a purse.  I know some women trade out their purses with each season and some with every outfit, but I usually find a favorite and carry it for years.  When I recently switched from my large Louis Vuitton handbag to a little black […]

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