Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Mom Better

. Motherhood is serious business.  There is no other task that has been so all-consuming as raising and tending to the 4 little lives God has entrusted to me.  And yet, it can feel difficult to see my achievement and see the fruit of my labors.  There is no Motherhood GPA, Degree Plan for Discipline, […]

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Why Boredom is Good for Your Child

“I’m bored.”  It’s summertime, and I would bet most parents have heard that line a time or two…or one hundred…a few times a day.  I have to admit, when my little one says this, it sometimes gets under my skin.  I pity myself and wish I could be bored for just a little bit!  Well, maybe […]

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Growing Up, with my Teenage Daughter

There was a movie released the year my oldest daughter was born called “Raising Helen”.  The movie was about a woman who became the legal guardian of her sister’s kids upon said sister’s death.  The movie hit home a bit about the sudden changes related to parenting.    “I’m hanging on by a thread here. […]

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Why I Workout During Pregnancy

  When you’re pregnant, it seems you hear it all. Whether it’s your first or third pregnancy, you’ve probably heard “you look amazing”, “wow this is your third?” or “you still have three months to go?” You might think to yourself should I consider that a compliment or maybe that person needs a filter? Regardless, […]

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