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Meet Lorena Hutchings

Meet Lorena Hutchings

Hello, lovely ladies!! I am Lorena Hutchings.  I was born in Chicago, raised in New Hampshire and came to Waco, Texas in 2001 while a sophomore in high school. I studied nursing and graduated in 2007. I currently stay home with my two youngest and am excited to be a part of the blog team.  I was in a 10 year on and off relationship, in which I gained 3 beautiful daughters.  Dezi, Tatiyana, and Jenny.  They are my heart.  After that relationship, I met my boyfriend and now husband, Alexander.  We married in March 2015.  We now have what I like to call a huge fam bam with 9 kiddos.  We don’t know how we manage at times, but we make it.  My husband and I don’t have the typical love story.  Our story is so special to me, although at times it seemed like a curse. I never knew how much marriage would teach me about myself. After losing one of our twins in 2014, getting married while our surviving twin was in the Nicu with hardly any outside support from neither of our families, and both of us following our dreams and pursuing careers that are fulfilling, we have managed to make it through the first two and a half stormy years of our marriage.  I always would get mad at God and ask why he would allow for me to suffer during these hard times in our marriage. But, as the time has gone by, as I have accepted to learn to love my husband for who he is and encourage him to be a better person, and as I have learned to face myself it seems much more clear.  And that is why I am here.  I have gained a passion for connecting with other moms beginning with health and wellness, but I realize it’s a lot deeper than that.  I want to be a light of hope for other women experiencing hardships in their marriage, losing a child or anything else that will connect us as women who understand each other.  That is why I am here.  It is such an honor and a privilege. Blessings to you all.  We gon’ make it!      I

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