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When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan

My favorite movie when I was a child was Baby Boom, starring Diane Keaton. It’s the story of a high-powered career woman named J.C. Wiatt (Keaton) who has it all: money, success, a fancy Manhattan apartment, and a boyfriend who shares her professional ambition. Everything is perfect, until Wiatt suddenly inherits a baby from a […]

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Making Your Child’s Lunch Fun And Desirable Too

School lunches…moms and kids always want new ideas, moms hope for something their kids will actually eat, and something hassle free!  Here’s a list of ideas as well as links to help jump start your kid’s lunch for the school year! Change Up Their Container  Bentgo has created lunch boxes for kids of various ages. […]

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You Know You’re A Boy Mom If…

  You Might Be A Boy Mom If…   *You find yourself shaking your head just wondering “huh?” *You say “stop touching that” multiple times a day *Your laundry smells like the bathroom, the backyard, and the gym all rolled into its own special fragrance *You find yourself repeating. the. same. thing. over. and over. […]

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