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Giving the Gift of Grace This Holiday Season

The holidays can get stressful super fast. Between social media, invitations, peer pressure and the already existent to-do list the size of an elephant, I personally wouldn’t mind hiding under a rock a few times during the holiday season.  Then on top of that you want me to cook…wait, what? Do you know what it’s […]

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5 Reasons to Choose Premier ER and Urgent Care

Being sick is never fun. Being sick as a mom is pure torture. Having a sick husband might be even worse.. especially since they often times are CERTAIN that sickness will cause death. And we all know having sick kids can derail any plans you had in a heartbeat. Plus, it’s just sad to watch […]

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This is My Mommy Christmas List

Christmas is such a magical time. When you were a kid it all seemed to magically appear that way as well. As an adult, you realize that it in fact is a lot of hard work and at times stress. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth it for my kids to have that same awe […]

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