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adoption waco moms blog

10 Tips for the Adoption Process

I love adoption. I love everything about it. I love the joy of finding a forever home for parentless children.  I love the excitement of a family bringing in a new member.  I love hearing adoption stories.  I love that adoption is the best physical representation of what God did for us by making us […]

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meet amy williams waco moms blog

Meet Amy Williams

Meet Amy Williams Hey y’all! My name is Amy Williams!   I grew up on a ranch outside Clifton, right down the road from Waco! A few county roads and miles separated me and what seemed liked the rest of the world. Growing up in a small town made Waco seem like the big, big city! At the […]

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city with a soul waco moms blog

More to love in Waco

My Waco love affair is strong.  There are certain sites in Waco that I am obsessed with.  The Brazos River and all its historical bridges, The Alico Building, Austin Avenue, both the residential part and the commercial-uptown portion. And of course, Magnolia Market.   There is far more to love in Waco than the silos. […]

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meet michelle basden waco moms blog

Meet Michelle Basden

  Meet Michelle Basden Hey there. I am Michelle, a 41-year-old mom of 3. The newest addition to our family arrived Feb. 28 – our sweet little boy, Brewer! His big sisters, Bryce (5) and Brinkley (3), have been very helpful around the house since his arrival. Poor guy will have three women telling him […]

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show&tell a-z ideas waco moms blog

Show and Tell A-Z Ideas

Remember show and tell in elementary school? I remember taking in a cool rock I found on our vacation to Colorado, another time I took in my new kittens, Ginger and Gerry. We would go through alphabetical order of the class and when it was my turn I could bring in anything! Those were the good ole days […]

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meet vanessa lerow waco moms blog

Meet Vanessa LeRow

Meet Vanessa LeRow Hi Moms! I’m Vanessa LeRow and according to my bio, I’m a wife, mom, writer, and speaker. That sounds really nice on paper; however, I think a more accurate description is I’m just a girl, standing in front of the internet, asking for solidarity as I try my best at this marriage, […]

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Kids Eat Free Waco Moms Blog

Where Kids Eat Free In Waco Guide

Eating out can be costly but there are days when I lack the energy or brain power to open the fridge and decide on something to cook.  As a family of five, we were always looking for places where kids eat free when our kids were younger.  My family has out grown the kids eat free stage (And boy […]

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meet mary severns waco moms blog

Meet Mary Severns

Meet Mary Severns Hi, Waco Moms.  I’m Mary Severns.  I am honored and humbled to be a part of this Wacoan community of women.  I feel like I’m  in the minority as we are not from Texas.  We moved to Waco just over a year and a half ago from San Diego, California.  We left our […]

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meet halee anthony waco moms blog

Meet Halee Anthony

Meet Halee Anthony Hi friends!  My name is Halee, and I am the proud mom of four awesome kids and the happy wife of one awesome man.   My life has turned out completely different than I planned, which would normally frustrate me because I am a planner.  However, God has blessed me so abundantly […]

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meet sarah nazarian waco moms blog

Meet Sarah Nazarian

Meet Sarah Nazarian Hi moms! I’m Sarah Nazarian. My husband and I LOVE living in Waco and love raising our four kids here! I grew up in Kentucky, and came to Waco for Baylor in 2003. My husband, Jared, and I met our senior year on a mission trip with our church in 2007. We […]

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